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How We Help

For the Ypsilanti community, we provide monthly grants to social service agencies which allows them to provide additional assistance to those most in need.  We provide temporary emergency funding, on a case-by-case basis, for housing, utilities and medical or dental care to individuals and families.  Once our Social Services Director receives the request, she will communicate with your caseworker, and your caseworker will advise you.

We accept vouchers for free clothing, household goods, and other merchandise.  Vouchers can be obtained from social/case workers at a variety of agencies.

If you are a caseworker representing an individual/family, you can apply for emergency assistance online by filling out and submitting the form below.  Please note that your client will need to present a written voucher in store to obtain free clothing, household goods, etc.

If you are an individual who needs a caseworker, you may find one at Hope Clinic

(734) 484-2989.

Funding Request

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